"I really don't like surprises, especially the one that came my way in the form of a heart attack early one August morning. I initially thought I had food poisoning! I had no previous symptoms, but in hindsight, I shouldn't have been surprised. Both of my parents had succumbed to heart disease. How could I not know that made me vulnerable! I had a lot to learn.

I underwent open-heart bypass surgery. Six months later there were more blockages and this time, angioplasty dealt with the problem. Following my recovery, I decided that it was imperative to learn about heart disease and what I could do to be healthy so I proceeded on a steep learning curve.

Besides reading about it, and read I did, I needed someone to talk to and learn from. Following an excellent rehab program at the Cardiac Wellness Institute, I discovered the Woman to Woman Cardiac Support Group, a group of women who were on a similar journey with the helpful guidance from Heather, our cardiovascular nurse resource person. I'm ever grateful for her, and their, support and encouragement.

Another help to me was becoming involved in various volunteer activities concerning Women's Heart Health and I continue this involvement. It helps me be alert regarding healthy living choices as well as wanting to be an encouragement to other women on this journey."


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Heart to Heart Support Society

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Providing support and encouragement to women with heart disease as they examine and deal with issues unique to women.