After my heart attack in 2002, I attended a Cardiac Rehab program. A while after completing the program I began to feel "alone" in my heart disease. I was feeling depressed and anxious about my health. None of my family or friends had gone through this experience and really didn't want to talk about it for fear of upsetting me, or themselves, I guess.

Then one day I saw a notice posted at my neighborhood Pharmacy about a support group for women with heart disease. The meetings were once a month at four in the afternoon, which appealed to me, as I knew if they were in the evening I wouldn't go. Especially in the cold of winter!

At these meetings I was able to connect with other women with similar fears and concerns about their futures. I met women who had their heart events recently and even more that had heart events 10, 15, 20 years in the past! This gave me great hope for my future! At these meetings I have laughed and cried as well as been given access to many valuable resources to draw from after Cardiac Rehab.

The meetings with these women have been my life-line for many years now. I am very grateful.


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